About Us

The Taxpayers’ Association of Indian River County, Inc. (TPA) is a Not-For-Profit Corporation chartered under the Laws of the State of Florida in 1957. It is a non-partisan organization.

A principal objective of the TPA is to obtain timely information on matters concerning the properties of city and county residents, particularly matters involving taxes, assessments, legislation, improvements and developments in Indian River County.

TPA cooperates with National, State, County and Municipal government officials, boards and commissions to develop mutual understanding between entities and taxpayers.

The TPA promotes efficiency and economy in the operation of public and government agencies in areas involving school issues, budgets, planning & zoning, parks & recreation, airport, and other matters that can ultimately help to hold the line on your taxes.

The TPA is an organization which functions through committees made up of volunteer members. These committees made up of volunteer members. These committees conduct in-depth studies and analyses of significant public issues. The findings of the committees, along with their specific recommendations, are used to determine the course of action that the TPA takes publicly on any given issue.

The Board of Directors makes recommendations concerning voting or other actions on issues that involve taxes, assessments, legislation, improvements and developments in and affecting residents of Indian River County.

The membership receives information in two ways:

First, a monthly luncheon meeting is held, open to all members and their guests. At each meeting, a guest speaker addresses a topic of interest to the membership. Announcements and brief discussions on the same or other topics take place at these luncheon meetings.

Secondly, a monthly newsletter is sent to the membership.
The newsletter contains the President’s message and the program for the next meeting. This mailing also contains information and announcements that the Board of Directors wishes to pass on to the membership.

The Board of Directors meets monthly throughout the year on the week preceding the monthly membership luncheon meeting. Major business decisions concerning the TPA are made at these meetings.